Wheel Alignment

Does your car pull to one side?  Are the tyres worn unevenly?  This usually means your car needs an alignment.  Many handling problems can be corrected by an alignment for a much smoother ride.

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Wheel Balance

Do you have a vibration in your car or a vibrating problem through the steering wheel?  If so, it is time for a Wheel Balance.

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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

The main benefits of nitrogen filled tyres is the loss of tyre pressure is slower.  Therefore, you will increase petrol mileage over time and the life of your tyres.

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When it comes to your vehicle’s safety, brakes top the list of systems that need regular checking.  If your brake service is neglected you are risking the safety of yourself and others.

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Your suspension system makes your car ride smoother and is a key component of driving safety.  Your suspension system keeps the tyres in contact with the road and without a regular suspension check your tyres and brakes will not work as safely they should.

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Vehicle Servicing

Regular servicing is essential to the longevity of your car and its ongoing safety.  By making sure it is serviced at regular intervals, you will be saving yourself money in the long term and helping make your motor experience safer.

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